The Forts of Old: Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten

So far we've covered the basic information of Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten in this post and its amazing airport in this post, but if you still need some convincing to visit this unique island and history and sightseeing is more your speed, then check out the beautiful abandoned colonial forts that stand sentinel over the beaches and waters of Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten.

Fort Louis watches over the old port town of Marigot located on the northern half of the island and has retained more of its original structure than its Dutch counterpart.  The fort, along with the town, are a popular destinations for visitors as both have aged well over the years. While abandoned as a fort, it is well cared for and offers some spectacular photo opportunities.

Fort Louis watches over the town of Marigot.

Fort Amsterdam watches over the southern most bay of the island and though it may not have aged quite as well as her sister, Fort Louis, Fort Amsterdam is truly a place lost in time. Standing among the old walls you feel like the soldiers of old may walk up the hill at any time.

Photo credit: Mark Yokoyama
Photo credit: Mark Yokoyama

There's something magical about the two old island forts, almost as if they’ve been forgotten by time. Standing on the battlements, it doesn't require much imagination to see old soldiers manning their posts as proud ships glide into the bays under sail. Many movies try to capture the battles and pirates that were common in the Caribbean, but few if any have captured the feeling of the peaceful summer days of watching ships come and go from the sparkling blue bays. That feeling can only be found while pausing for a moment at these beautiful old strongholds to imagine what it must have been like. Both of these beautiful old forts are must-sees during your visit to Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten.