Welcome to WanderLost Travels!

We're blogging / vlogging because we love travel and want to share our passion with you. From learning about different cultures to investigating historical sites and making new friends, you can be a part of our journey as we try to visit every place on earth (and if SpaceX calls Jake back, we'll expand our mission to space, too!).

The purpose of WLT can be found in our tagline - Find Knowledge. Find Passion. Find Life. We came up with this tagline during a crazy inspirational moment at VidCon 2015 and feel that it incorporates our personal values and what we hope to inspire in our community.

Find Knowledge.

We're curious adventurers with the hearts of educators. We're constantly learning about the world and people around us, and we want to open up your world, too.

Find Passion.

We believe that a life full of passion is one worth living. Passion is contagious. We want to inspire you to find yours, whether it's flying because you're obsessed with plane models, taking photos of forts like the paparazzi, or finding a hobby you'd never heard of before and chainmailing like a boss.

Find Life.

Travel has changed us and renewed our meaning in life and faith in humanity. We hope this site will serve in some small way as a stepping stone towards finding your life's meaning.