What Sounds Like E.coli And Ebola And Is Delicious?

(It's also autocorrected to Ebola.)

We're talking Ecola Seafoods Restaurant & Market. We officially swear by it. During our time in Oregon, we stumbled across this fantastic restaurant and seafood market in the Cannon Beach area.

Have you ever had a fish & chips basket where the fish options were salmon, halibut, tuna, or cod? Have your taste buds ever experienced fish so fresh they practically leapt out of the ocean and onto your plate?


Okay, okay. If you're from the Coast, this is no great shock to you. But our Midwestern palates were pleasantly piqued. Now if I can just get Jake to break free from using an entire ketchup bottle at every meal, he might even come to have a refined palate. (He squeezed lemon on one bite of his fish and looked like he was going to propose to it, so there's hope.)

Not only was the seafood superior, but the location was great, too! Close your eyes, and imagine a small, picturesque coastal American town. Welcome to the Cannon Beach area. Ecola Seafoods sits right in the middle of the town, two streets away from the ocean, so you can play hard all day and literally hop over to grab a bite. If you sit at the counter by the large glass window, you can stare at a large mountain in the distance. The town is bordered on one side by the ocean and surrounded by evergreen forests on the other, so even if it's a bit of a drive to get there, it's well worth it.

We only wish we would have shopped at the market! We're already adjusting our budget to include a trip back to Oregon and many days spent at Ecola.


Pro Tip

Get Ecola Seafood's clam strips. This is what french fries everywhere should be replaced with.